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CPred http://sarst.life.nthu.edu.tw/CPred/
Circular permutation (CP) of protein is an evolutionary event resulting in the fact that structural homologs may have different locations of termini. It can be visualized as if the original termini of a protein were linked and new ones created elsewhere. Since circular permutants usually retain native structures and functions with sometimes increased stabilities, activities or functional diversities, CP has been applied as a protein engineering technique in many fields. Considering that not every position in a protein structure can be used to generate viable CP and the high cost for creating CP by molecular cloning, CP site predictors, which help avoid unnecessary trials-and-errors, will be beneficial for the application of CP. Here we present CPred, the first practical method for predicting viable CP sites.


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Since May 2011, we provide customized data analysis services, which is a more comprehensive service depending on the research needs.




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